Now Read This:

I am interrupting this week’s instalment of #MyFridayFive to bring you the following important message.


First, cooler heads prevail.

If you can afford to do so, it would be a welcome gesture of solidarity to donate the equivalent of the cost of a subscription to the New York Review of Books to a sexual assault support program in your community, Planned Parenthood, or #MeToo. It serves no purpose to torpedo the entire ship when the captain makes a questionable call.

I stand by my statement that Jian Ghomeshi’s attempt at trying to make us appreciate his victimhood, when he did everything he possibly could to avoid taking responsibility for being an asshole and rapist; is a slap in the face on several levels.

That said, we can, and must, do better than an editorial decision to give a louse like Ghomeshi any kind of platform.

The subscription rate card from the NYRB web site is posted for guidance.