Much Ado About A Name

The little prince finally has a name: Louis Arthur Charles.

I can understand why the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose Charles. Equally, Arthur. I had hoped that the baby’s older brother, Prince George, wouldn’t have to share his name – an extension of his identity – with him, but apparently Louis for the House of Windsor has the same function as the name Leslie in my family: honouring a strong paternal figure across the generations.

I do wonder, though, if – if one is honouring grandparents, etc. in the naming of a newborn son – the Duchess’ family line was plumbed for ideas? And why not Philip? Perhaps for a third son? It’s a thought.

I don’t know why you’re obsessing over it, Mom, my teenage daughter chided. It’s not like he’s your kid, and they weren’t going to name him something popular.

True enough.

Regardless of what he’s called, publicly or privately, I wish him a lifetime of happiness and success in every capacity his position affords.