At Last

I finally own the dot com of my very first proper blog, Girl Gone Wired.

Actually, I bought it last September. It has taken me this long to sit down and connect it to my even older WordPress account.

The story of how I went from the dot net of GGW to Taking The Mother Road to a separate identity at Just Call Me Kanga is long and fairly unwieldy. Suffice to say that sometime in the last couple of years I was ghosted by my independent web host and lost access to Taking The Mother Road, which picked up where GGW left off. I’m leaving the early GGW posts here for posterity if only to prove to the current owner of GGW dot net that “I was here first, sweetie.”

The original, you might say.

All ego and sundry claims aside, it’s good to be back.

And now, it is time for lunch.

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