Things To Be Thankful For In 2011

Three days. Three turkey dinners. It sounds like a challenge worthy of Man v. Food. But that’s life for those of us with big families, or in this case, making sure the kids spent some quality time with both their biological and step-families.

But we did it. By the end of the third meal, I was nearly down for the count. The glass of Dan Aykroyd Merlot (2008), while a welcome accompaniment to the turkey, mashed turnip,  mashed potatoes, and stuffing; probably contributed to that. I’ve been a One Sip Sally for years, ever since the twins were born.

We have a lot to be thankful for this year. DS8 is still hard at work on transitioning from purees to solid food. My former mother-in-law and I have begun repairing a once-fractious relationship and we relate much better as people now than in years past, which is good for the kids to see.

The First Supper, on Saturday Night

The next morning, okay – midday (Mommy likes to sleep in on weekends), we drove around Ottawa looking for the perfect place to stage a family Thanksgiving photo. We stopped briefly at Black Rapids Lockstation, and once we realized we would have to pay for parking I immediately turned the car around without so much as a flashbulb pointed at the river. (Mommy doesn’t like to pay for parking, moreso after taking her last $30 to put 1/2 a tank of gas in the car to get us on the road in the first place.)

Our next stop after that was Stanley Park, in Ottawa’s New Edinburgh neighbourhood. By then DD’s blood sugar was on the verge of dropping and her mood reflected it. But I eventually coaxed this out of all 3 kids:

The GGW Clan (minus DH, who was behind the camera) - October 9, 2011

Then we moved on to Rockcliffe Park, hoping for more autumn colour.

We got this:

The GGW Clan, "Take Two" - October 9, 2011

Notably, the weather was warm enough to justify t-shirts, shorts, sandals and flip-flops. (Sorry, no igloos. Come back in two months for my attempts at posing my brood for Christmas shots.)

Dinner on Sunday night was held at my parents’ home. My mother actually contemplated serving the meal outside on their porch, but decided that wasps and other seasonally-confused insects do not ideal dining companions make. Then, after we broke our bread and ate heartily of turkey, sweet potatoes, baked spaghetti, corn muffins, stuffing and gravy; we went outside to allow the bounty to sink to our toes before thinking about dessert.

That’s when we heard this, not too far off in the distance:

At first, DH set off on foot to try and track down the driver. Unsuccessful, he then came back and took off again in our car, returning a few minutes later having told the driver to visit our street to satisfy the appetite for soft-serve for 9 paying customers. That didn’t include the 10 or so customers who bought ice cream a few houses down from us. So it was a win-win for everybody.

Dessert itself (ahem) was an apple-pumpkin cake, made in my mother’s crock-pot. It was so good, I was rendered speechless. After that, we literally could eat no more.

Monday mid-afternoon was the Thanksgiving meal at my kids’ father’s place. Their grandfather and his new wife were in town, and DD wasted no time hogging him all to herself for piggy-back rides. I would post a photo of them together, but during the meal itself Grandpa expressed some annoyance at having been tagged in another relative’s album on Facebook, and I want my children to stay in the Will, soooo…

… that’s a wrap for another year of food, family, friends, and foliage!

From the GGW crew to yours, I hope you all had a happy Thanksgiving.

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