Knowing Me, Knowing You – October 2011

Welcome to my second monthly installment of The Fairy Blogmother‘s “Knowing Me, Knowing You” interview project.

1. Are you watching Revenge? No; I’m at work. Errrr, wait – what is it, exactly? I have heard that it is a dish best served cold. In short, no, I’ve never seen it.

2. Do you decorate for Halloween? Not yet, but I have no excuses not to, seeing as for the past 4 1/2 years I’ve owned a house and a yard and all, and Hallowe’en is *huge* in our extended family. For some of us, it’s possibly bigger than Christmas.

And speaking of Christmas….

3. Do you have any crafty plans for Christmas presents? Crafty as in things I will make that I will give to other people; or, as in “a cunning plan”:

Um. Yeah. I think it will be gift cards for the adults again this year. I hear that Wal-Mart has restored its holiday layaway service, so that will help with shopping for zee kidlets.

4.What’s your dream vacation? I still have a notion to acquire a motorhome and criss-cross the continental United States. I would also love to go to the U.K. and re-connect with family, head across the Channel to France and Italy and Spain and Greece (which should require no explanation, besides, Greece desperately needs our tourist dollars). New Zealand and Australia also sit quite high on my travel bucket-list.

5. Which of your relatives live closest to your house? My parents. Literally a short trip right around the bend.

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