Weight(y) Matters

Last night, I did something new, and brave, and crazy: I spent two hours live-tweeting the 12th season premiere of The Biggest Loser.

Something new? I’ve not yet logged two months on Twitter under the handle @girlgonewired, so I guess you could still consider this “new” for me.

Something brave? Being on Twitter and “talking” to strangers.

Something crazy? Two hours of non-stop live-tweeting. I was smart, or so I thought, and didn’t use my Android phone, but my right thumb still went numb about halfway through from repeatedly striking the spacebar on DH’s ancient laptop.

I’ve been a fairly loyal at-home audience for The Biggest Loser since Season 5, when Ali Vincent became the first woman to win the $250K prize. I think we missed Season 7. We were better about following Seasons 8 through 11. On a related note, I am also an obsessive viewer of Canadian weight-loss shows such as “The Last 10 Pounds Bootcamp,” “X-Weighted,” and “Bulging Brides.” Last autumn, I both met and had my butt kicked by Tommy Europe, and I am doing it again this year, this time with my 13-year-old couch-potato son. I’m not sure if Paul Plakas and I would ever be a good match, but Fred Connors can come over to my house, whack me between the eyes about my self-esteem,  critique my wardrobe and do my hair and makeup anytime he wants. I’ll wrap up this little aside by letting you know that I started my own weight loss (*cough*) “journey” (I hate that word) in the summer of 2009, weighing 320 pounds, and today I am approximately 70 pounds lighter. I still have another 60-ish to go, before I meet my goal of 190 pounds. Which isn’t bad for someone who is 5’9” and large-boned (… and my family doctor says so).

A few observations about last night’s “Biggest Loser“:

1)      Jillian Michaels must now be that rare breed of fitness icon, so much larger-than-life, that it took two new trainers to replace her (not counting the two new trainers from Season 11 who didn’t come back, namely Cara Castronuova and Brett Hoebel).  I’m not sure how I feel about the addition of Anna Kournikova, who is probably better known for the number of pro-tennis tournaments she’s lost over the years, not to mention her on-again/off-again relationship with pop star Enrique Iglesias. Newbie #2, Dolvett Quince, can come to my house and kick my butt anytime. I like his style; he’s not quite as mililtaristic as Tommy Europe, but what’s not to love about a guy who orders one of his Team members to “stop touching my treadmill” during a workout?

2)      It wouldn’t be “The Biggest Loser” without tears, begging for water, and backstabbing. But right off the bat, in the first episode of the season? The Blue Team, comprised of senior citizens or nearabouts, had me raising my eyebrows more than a few times. It didn’t surprise me in the slightest that Debbie, the future “Jazzy Granny,” was sent home by her teammates last night. Next week looks to be even nastier. Oy vey.

3)      Dolvett. Mmm-mmm.

4)      The very idea of running 26.2 miles to accomplish anything has always lacked appeal for me, but apparently if an at-home contestant this season does it and wins, that person is automatically a finalist for the $250K prize and the title of the ‘Biggest Loser.’ Does that mean we are going to see a Final 3, or a Final 5?

I’d also like to apologize to Jen Wielgus, who is probably the most popular unofficial “Biggest Loser” blogger on the Internet, as far as I can see. Up until last night, anyway, she was a follower of @girlgonewired on Twitter. I’m worried that my rapid-fire, non-stop tweeting for two hours may have upset her, since NBC wasn’t airing the season premiere until 8:00 p.m. EST, and CityTV (my totally legitimate source for everything “Biggest Loser”) was already well into it at 7:00 p.m. EST to make way for a new sitcom featuring Zooey Deschanel, who reminds me an awful lot of Katy Perry, but with some acting chops. Next week, North America should be back to a harmonized broadcast with NBC, as far as I can tell. Then my American tweeps and I can live-tweet together.  Kind of like a team.

I wonder what colour our team would be?

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