The Day We Dog-gone Gone And Done It

The Twitterverse tells me that it is National Dog Day.

In a happy coincidence, it is roughly one year since a certain Tuckerton the Black Lab/Border Collie came into our lives. So this blog post is for him.

Tucker was born on June 4, 2010. He was one of 5 surviving puppies of a litter of 7. We have no idea where he fit in as far as birth order, but he was and still is the largest product of that litter and the only one with a noticeable overbite. All that means is he drools and slops his water around a bit when he drinks. Otherwise, it hasn’t affected him in any significant way whatsoever.


We’ve had a small number of cats come and go over the years, and the idea of having a dog came into play when I thought it would be a good idea to train up a service dog for my youngest son (DS8), when we thought he was on the autism spectrum. (We recently found out that he isn’t, but DiGeorge Syndrome is more than enough for us to cope with, all the same.) My ex-husband’s girlfriend was breeding her supposedly “purebred” female Border Collie/Lab with her neighbour’s supposedly “purebred” Golden Lab, and claimed that any resulting puppies would be purebred. (Um, no, they’re nice dogs, but I’m pretty sure they’re mutts.) I went into this considering adopting Tucker’s littermate, Daisy, who grew into a small Golden Lab, but Tucker was eventually the puppy who bounced into our lives with his thick whip-like tail, oversized front paws and round brown eyes.

The service dog angle isn’t really an option anymore, mostly because it’s hard to tell who is the more hyper of the two, DS8 or Tucker. I have since considered recommending to the editors of the DSM-5 manual that ADHD should be changed to “Attention-Deficient Hyperactive Dog.” We did put Tucker in Puppy Kindergarten last autumn,  and he has retained most of what he learned, but he’s going back to Basic Obedience training all the same in September to get him primed for Agility or Flyball, either of which I think he would excel at. In the meantime, he loves nothing more than when we dangle his leash after a successful Sit-Stay and we take him out in the car to Bruce Pit for more fun and frolic with other dogs.


So here’s to you, Tuckerton, on your first National Dog Day with our crazy pack of people-puppies.

Lots of love, treats and belly rubs,


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