My World 3.0

Simply, “Welcome.”

I guess I will get the ball rolling tonight with 10 random things about me.

1.) If “40 is the new 20,” then I am currently 39, going on 19. I thought I knew everything back then, too.

2.) I wasn’t a Cool Kid in high school, and I am not a Cool Kid now, but everyone is welcome to stop by and have a beer in my corner of the universe. Unless you’re bringing drama. Then, we have a problem. And you won’t get any beer.

3.) I believe very strongly in karma. You will get what you give, trust me. It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but I know that what goes around, comes around.

4.) I love road trips. Long or short, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes I will blog about them.

5.) I have 3 children. All 3 have special needs. DS13 has Asperger Syndrome and ADHD; DD8 has Type 1/Juvenile Diabetes; and DS8 (DD’s fraternal twin) was born with a condition called 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome (DiGeorge Sequence), and possibly has severe ADHD on top of that. He was born with springs in his legs, like Tigger. He also has beautiful brown eyes and apple cheeks you just want to smoosh. All my kids are beautiful. They have fought like mini-tigers to be here, and all they ask for is love and respect. (Well, except for DS13, who asks for Fido P-A-Y-G phone cards, a lot. Stop downloading expensive ringtones and your airtime will last that much longer, dear.)

6.) I am happily unmarried. That is to say, I was married, once, from 1995 to 2005, the union from which my 3 children were borne. I met my current partner after my divorce was finalized, and we bought a house and moved in together in January of 2007. Occasionally I might drop a hint or two (“…or three,” grumbles he) that if he really likes it, he will put a ring on it, but hip-hop ain’t his thing and our relationship works well enough without the formalities. Word.

7.) I love Retrievers. In 2010 I adopted Tucker, a Black Lab/Border Collie cross, with the well-meaning intention of training him to be a service dog for DS8. But he’s dumber than a sack of Milk Bones, God love him, and instead he guards me like I’m his most precious resource, probably because I am the one out of the 5 of us who feeds him and walks him the most regularly. Once we get basic obedience out of the way, I think he has the stuff to be a terrific Flyball player. You heard about him here first, folks. If you give this dog a stick or cheap frisbee to chase and fetch, provided he doesn’t crush or shatter them to bits in his droopy jaw, he’s in pure canine heaven.

8.) It is my dream to acquire a motorhome and go across Canada and the continental United States.  I guess that goes with #4, really.

9.) I am Irish, Scottish and French, in all the right places, and Celtic music makes me cry.

10.) “[I] might as well face it, [I’m] addicted to“: chocolate, music, Tweeting, and trying to make the world a better place, for you and for me. We ARE the world, we are the children.

(Oh, and love.)

Looking forward to having that beer with you, somewhere along the way.

– Victoria

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